Love Beer: My Husband the Beer Drinker

My Husband the Beer Drinker

Of all the alcoholic beverages in today’s market, my husband has never stopped his loved of drinking a mid strength beer. For as long as I can remember my husband has preferred the smooth taste of beer then sweet or stronger type alcoholic beverages.

Recently I asked whether he’d ever consider actually making beer from home, to save us some money on the cartoons’ that he purchases every week or so.

He didn’t like that idea too much, but said that when he retired it might give it a try, as it took a lot of time to master the art of beer brewing.

I wasn’t sure at the time what he was referring to until I did some research myself and noticed the array of different flavors and techniques that beer brewing actually entailed.

So now I guess I understand where he is coming from a little more.

We are traveling a far bit and the type of beer that my husband regularly drinks isn’t always available.

So how do beer drinkers actually know what the type of beer on offer for purchase is going to suit their tastes?

I mean, it’s not exactly like getting a pre-mix vodka or cocktail drink, there’s all ranges of bitterness and strength to consider.

I laughed when I again asked my husband this, and his response was, “trial and error dear! that’s why you’re always the designated driver”. Typical hey?

I am sure there are many significant others out there that can relate to this. In all seriousness though, beer is a topic that is so very popular, and has been for a long time all over the world.

According to Wikipedia beer is actually the most widely consumed beverage other than tea and water. When I read this I was a little astounded.

For a drink that is mostly made up of the fermentation of cereal grains, beer is still the drink of choice for most of the male population.

I cannot say much about the worldwide population, but I do know that my significant other could probably have bought a few thousand dollars’ worth of shares in a popular brand of beer in Australia by now, often drinking when we are on holidays, with mates and after work on a Friday afternoon with the neighbors’ to relax and unwind from the week.

Personally I don’t mind drinking the light beers, I find them smoother for my tastes and less bitter in flavor. But everyone is different.

I don’t actually mind the drinks that aren’t quite beers‘ but called ciders’. I know, quite weak for all the beer lovers’ out there to put his on the Love Beer website right?

I am a woman after all, and there really aren’t that many women that I know that would drink a mid strength beer or a heavy beer over a cider.

So my assumption than is that beers‘ are really the drink of choice for men in particular. This is my experience thus far.

Perhaps this may change if I travel more European countries or Germany this may change. I have wondered whether these countries call beer ‘beer’ or whether they call beer ‘ale’, or perhaps it is both?

Whatever the flavor, type or name, beer is still amazingly popular as an alcoholic beverage.

My husband the beer drinker is going to continue to choose beer as his alcoholic drink of choice.

I will continue to drink a cider and one day we will travel to find out my about the beer culture around the rest of the world.

Author: Ammie Harm





so, as reported by the world’s best selling beer, is Snow. Snow sure keeps a low profile. The Global beer volume market share by snow – 5.4%.


Ask any 10 people on the street about the beverage and, unless they are from China, we’ll bet most of them would never have tried the stuff.

Still, China is a massive country and, despite being sold almost exclusively there, its annual sales are reportedly around 61 million hectolitres. That is an awful lot of beer indeed.

Reported by: Judi Jaques