Love Beer: The Advantages of Beer

Love Beer: The Advantages of Beer

In summer, many people like to drink beer and ice beer to relieve the summer-heat. It is known to all that beer can really give a natural cool sense to people. However, the various advantages of beer are not known quite well by people.

Generally speaking, beer has seven kinds of advantages. First, beer is a kind of natural food, as beer is made from natural raw materials. Second, beer can effectively help people stop the thirst. The content of water contained in beer has reached more than 90%. Third, beer plays an important role in refreshing people themselves. Beer contains a large number of organic acids. To drink beer in a right amount can help people reduce the over excitation and tension and relax the muscles. Fourth, beer can improve the digestive system for people. The components including barley, hops, polyphenolic substances contained in beer can accelerate the gastric secretion and stimulate the functions of stomach so as to raise the absorption ability for the human body. Fifth, beer can promote urination for the human body. The low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid contained in beer can increase the blood supply for the brain, expand coronary artery and quicken the human metabolism, which can greatly promote the urination. Sixth, beer can help people lose weight. Beer contains a little sodium, protein and calcium. Fat and cholesterol are not contained in beer, which can effectively restrain the fast growth of the human figure. The seventh advantage of beer is that beer can protect the eyes for people. Beer contains abundant vitamin B12 and vitamin B2. Vitamin B12 can resist anemia and adjust the metabolism mechanism of the central nervous system to some degree, and vitamin B2 plays an important role in protecting the eyesight.

When people drink beer, some things should be paid attention to. For example, the best temperature of beer is about 12 degrees. At such a temperature degree, the unique sweet taste of beer can volatilize in the air. The best side dish of beer is shelled peanuts. Cured food is not suitable to eat when people drink beer.

Although beer has so many advantages, excessive drinking of beer should be controlled. If people drink beer immoderately, the alcohol contained in beer can accumulate inside the human body to destroy the liver functions and increase the burdens on the kidney. In addition, excessive drinking can also cause alcoholism to trigger liver diseases. Therefore, the nutritionists advise that people should drink less than 1.5 liter of beer every day. Love Beer: The Advantages of Beer hopes that you’ve enjoyed reading this article.


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